Integral Yoga Ministers help prepare you or a loved one for the transition of the soul. We offer end-of-life care, recognition, and counseling. In addition to spiritual guidance, this includes practical assistance in end-of-life preparations such as making phone calls, writing letters or sending emails, canceling services, and securing a lawyer, among other things.

After transition, a minister can perform a memorial service honoring your loved one with a special puja. The service can be interfaith or entirely in the Integral Yoga tradition, with quotes from Sri Swami Satchidananda and Sri Swami Sivananda or other masters and scriptures of your choice. While family and friends are welcome to attend, we understand that may not be possible, and can perform the ceremony with our Integral Yoga community.

It may be possible to bury ashes in our Memorial Grove. We are also a support system for family members throughout and after this ultimate life event as they navigate papers, protocol, and adjustment to the physical absence of their beloved. In short, we are here for every stage, acknowledging the pain of loss and celebrating the beauty of your loved one’s unique life.