Spiritual Mentoring

Meet regularly with an Integral Yoga Minister and work through any area of your life where you welcome support.

Life Challenges Support

Whether your challenge is an unexpected hardship or a joyfully anticipated event, we are here to help you navigate the changes in your life.


Puja ceremony is part of every special occasion, or on its own, simply to express love and devotion.


You can call on ministers to run special workshops on various topics relevant to you and your group.

Wedding Ceremonies

Together with an Integral Yoga Minister, you will create a meaningful ceremony honoring your faith traditions and customs, with a yogic touch.

Vows of Intent and Engagement Ceremonies

Integral Yoga Ministers recognize your commitment in a beautifully intimate ceremony with friends and family. 

Death and Dying Services and Memorials

Integral Yoga Ministers help prepare you or a loved one for the transition of the soul, end-of-life care, recognition, and counseling.

Interfaith Services

In an Integral Yoga interfaith service, each faith present is represented by candles, prayer, music, and attire appropriate to each tradition.

House Blessing Ceremonies

Have your new house or apartment blessed to clean out old vibrations and invoke the Divine in your new home.


Withdraw from your day-to-day routines and obligations in order to renew yourself and gain introspection on life.

Baby Blessing Ceremonies

Along with family and friends, we join you in community to honor your child’s unique path and recognize the Divine in them.

Dharma Youth Program

This program is designed to engage our youth in the yogic lifestyle and programs presented at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville.

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