The word “puja” is translated as “worship service”. In the Integral Yoga Ministry, puja ceremony is part of every special occasion, or on its own, simply to express love and devotion. Through puja, we invite God (The Divine, The Universe, Cosmic Consciousness, Spirit, or however we can see or feel Divine Oneness), to make its infinite presence known. We do this in the same way we would invite a beloved guest into our home; you might clean and decorate your home and prepare a special seat and treats.

In puja, we arrange everything to be a reflection of that Divine presence we are inviting. Integral Yoga Ministers create a puja with you to honor the uniqueness and significance of your celebration. You can incorporate objects, photos, foods, mantras, and prayers that hold meaning for you. It can be intricate, simple, or anything in between. We are committed to making an inclusive, accessible, and understandable experience without compromising depth or sacred expression of the occasion.