Minister Bio

Reverend Shankar Fern is the Vice-Chairman of the Integral Yoga Ministry Board of Trustees, and the Vice-President of the New York Integral Yoga Institute. He was trained as a psychotherapist and provides spiritual coaching, spiritual mentorship, memorial services, baby blessings, house blessings, meditation coaching, wedding and engagement services and conducts pujas and workshops.

Rev. Shankar is an accomplished organization transformation leader in leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and change management, most recently serving as a corporate vice-president in a respected financial service and a Senior Management Consultant in a large global consulting firm. Rev. Shankar is president and founder of Change-Ready Solutions, a consulting and training firm that enhances organizations’ “ability to improve inclusive problem-solving by leveraging divergent thinking from diverse people. By enabling people of all varieties to realize the spiritual unity behind diversity and to live harmoniously as members of one universal family, he integrates his yoga values with his business activities. 

Rev. Shankar is proud to be in the lineage of great spiritual masters including Sri Swami Satchidananda, Master Sivananda, and Sri Yogananda Paramahansa. Shankar is also a published author and certified yoga teacher.